Meet Katie, our Green Product Junkie! She lives the ultimate green life! We absolutely love her dedication and commitment to living a clean lifestyle. A strong-minded women who wanted to meet like-minded people practicing this green life. From organizing beach clean-ups to simply just always using a reusable bag at the store – she shares more of her secrets to living this admirable green life. She’s a great source to find out more tips and ways to be eco-friendly! Be sure to check her out below!

We love your wording of the “green product junkie” how did you come up with that?

Thank you!  Well, it’s just simply the truth.  I’ve always been totally addicted to anything skincare and makeup-related and then when I started getting into green beauty, it was just all about green beauty products.   So, the name fit me perfectly!


What made you get into blogging?

When I first started using green beauty skincare and makeup, I didn’t have anyone in my circle who cared all that much about it.  As much as I would attempt conversations with friends about green beauty, it was as if no one was really interested in switching up their products nor were they interested in hearing about the harmful toxins in conventional products.  So, I decided that if I started writing about them, perhaps I could start meeting like-minded people and boy was I right!  Before I knew it, I was right in the middle of everything and had more than enough people who expressed the same interest as I did!


What do you hope readers take away from your blog?

Well, first off, I hope that they are able to get some great recommendations and find some great products that they can swap out for their conventional products and second, I hope that I can bring an awareness to environmental issues like single-use plastics, cutting down on plastic, bringing your own bags, etc.


How do live a green life?

I’m glad you asked.  I compost by taking all of my food scraps (keep them in the freezer until I have enough) and bring them to get composted.  Composting is really important for the environment in many ways, I hope people will read up on it.  I also bring my own bags, don’t use plastic bags, carry instead of using a bag if I can, bring my own water bottles, my razor is made from recycled yogurt cups, I use reusable food wrapping, my dental floss comes in a paper package that can be recycled and there’s a lot more.  I hope to organize a few beach cleanups this summer.  If anyone is interested, I write about tips to go greener on my blog frequently.


Some challenges you’ve overcome in the green industry?

I’ve had many challenges.  I find the people in this industry to be very empathetic and care deeply for the environment, so I’m very content with that aspect.  The only thing that might be frustrating is when people think green beauty doesn’t work as well as conventional brands or they don’t take the my recommendations for how to be more eco-friendly.  But, I truly believe that things are changing and when people start finding straws and plastic in the ocean on their beach vacation, they’ll get me! 


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