Just want to thank you for making this wonderful Hand Solve! It makes my hands feel soft and smooth, especially after this rough winter. It is absorbed fast and continues to soothe even through hand washes.

Teresa Hart – Amherst Massachusetts

I tried the balancing facial serum for the first time a couple of months ago and loved it! After my first bottle, I ended up ordering a year supply. It makes my skin feel perfect, not overly moisturized, and also not too greasy. Putting it on every morning after I wash my face, I feel like I’m really taking care of my skin. Co op 108 is wonderful in general- not only do I get to support the amazing people who run it- I also get to use wonderful  products!

Amber Bemak – Amherst, Massachusetts

The Balancing Facial Serum has changed my skin for the best!!I have looked and tried everything for years to find that product that could moisturize my combination skin without making it feel oily. I also wanted to find something free of chemicals and that was natural and organic. At first, I was afraid of applying oil on my combination skin…but I have come to realize that your skin naturally produces oil because it needs it to heal and protect your skin.This serum has made such an improvement on how my skin looks and feels. My skin just drinks it in!! My skin now feels good, looks healthy and I love the fact it is made from all natural plant oils and smells wonderful! Thank-you Co-op 108 for producing such a wonderful product!! You have a customer for life!!

Susie – Fruit Cove, Florida

For me, 2012 was definitely The Year of the Facial Oil. I discovered that it works so well, even on my tending-to-oily skin. Now, a great facial oil is part of my daily complexion plan. I love Co-Op 108′s blend for its lightness, ingredients, and that it smells ever-so-faintly of lemongrass.

Aleigh (Indigo & Canary – Beauty By Mother Nature blog post)

I have used bodyblue (now Flower Balm) for aftercare after many tattoos I have gotten, but recently I used it after a tattoo removal session I attended. It worked great!! Not only did it heal and soothe my aching thigh from the intense burns I received from laser tattoo removal, but it also healed so well that my leg has no scarring on it at all. Thanks for making such a highly effective product that is all natural, inexpensive and that works so darn well!!!!

Colleen – Williamsburg, MA

I purchased a tin (Flower Balm) at Cornucopia in Northampton, MA. My girlfriend introduced me to it, after using it on several of her tattoos. I was previously using Tattoo Goo and Burt’s Bees. I like to support local. Your product also does not stain like Tattoo Goo (green)… and helps ease the initial pain, as well as the itchies a few days later, which other products do not do. I’ll be going down to NoHo again this afternoon to purchase another tin, as I’ll be having more work done. From here on out, I’ll only use this product and will spread the word to my friends. Thanks again for a great product!


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