Sales & Marketing Position

We are looking for an enthusiastic, intelligent person who is interested in sales and marketing to help expand our sales regionally.  Initially this will  be 8-10 hours a week but could lead to a full time worker/owner position. Experience in sales, marketing, e-mail marketing, social media and web development is a plus, but enthusiasm goes a long way and if you are interested we would love to meet you!

Job description includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  •  expand our co-op contacts to a regional/New England wide scale
  •  perform sales support with tabling
  •  relationship development with new wholesale outlets such as boutiques, spas and yoga studios
  •  sampling events
  •  marketing with facebook
  •  website maintenance

If you are interested in sales, work well with others and would like to be a part of a democratic workplace, please contact Anasuya, at

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