We’ve outgrown our old storefront!  We are excited about moving on up to Woo and unveiling our new shop to you all.  The only sucky part is that it was a bit of a nightmare to migrate our old accounts to our new store (not the fault of Woo, however).  So, if you’ve shopped with us before, we hope that you won’t mind creating a new account when you shop with us again.  And heck, just because we’re so pleased with this new development, and to make it easier on everyone, we’re offering 15% on all orders through the end of January whether you’re a current customer or not! Check out our brand new hydrating facial serum, balancing facial serum, or regenerative facial serum if you can’t decide what to you use all that coupon goodness on. Use the coupon code WOOHOO! in your cart to get your discount.

Lots of love,
The folks at 108

Inventory clearance sale—30% off your entire order will be applied at checkout!